Take a Coffee Break today…

Daily life has become a bit of race against time for most of us, be it work, family life or social commitments. We are constantly bombarded with demands on our time from all angles that we forget to slow down and appreciate the simpler pleasures that surround us.

A cool breeze on a hot summers day. The joy in the laughter of a child, or  the  lovely imagination in their story telling. The smell of freshly baked bread in the supermarket, or the wonderful smell of freshly brewed coffee.

My solution is simple… slow down stop to enjoy these simple pleasures. Make your self a cup of coffee/tea, grab a cookie or slice of cake, turn off your mobiles and just enjoy your silence before you pick the kids up or cary on with your list of errands. Or even better enjoy this coffee break with a loved one!

Hope that you enjoy your coffee/ tea break as much as I do xx

Please share how you enjoyed your break today xxx


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