Naked or Iced?

Imagine a world where there is no icing on cakes!!!! I can’t even begin to think of a Chocolate cake or a Red Velvet Cake without any Buttercream or Cream Cheese frosting!

But when does the icing stop being that extra oomph of  goodness that only enhances the taste of the cake to being too much and sickly sweet??

Is there anything as too much icing? I enjoy my dollop of icing as much as the next person but what I do not enjoy is a cake covered in a thick layer of icing as well as being heavily layered with icing on the inside! At this point all that I can taste is the sweet in the Icing and not enough of the cake!

I feel that Naked Cakes are a good compromise for people like me. Naked cakes strike the perfect balance between yummy icing on the inside and still being able to enjoy the taste of the cake.

Do check out our Classic Victoria sandwich cake recipe, my version of a naked cake.

What are your thought on this? Please do share your views in the comments.

Happy Baking xx




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    1. its a lovely cake to have with afternoon tea! a personal favourite of mine

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Shaz says:

    This is the recipe I always use and I always get compliments for it. 👍


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