A labour of love……Homemade Birthday Cakes.

My fondest memories of childhood have been of my birthdays, there was always a big fuss that was made especially in my childhood. If I were having a birthday party with friends we would get a Black Forest Gateau from the bakery. But as I grew older and birthdays become more of family affair my mother would bake me a cake.

I was a no frills box standard chocolate cake. But it was something that absolutely made my day! As a grown woman and now a mother of two my self, I miss that simple taste and gesture more then anything else on my own birthdays. I have yet to come across a cake that taste’s as good as that one did.

As a proud mommy of two beautiful girls,  I have adopted this tradition and made it my own. So for the last seven  years I have made my daughter’s birthday cakes. I’d like to think that they have gotten better in looks and taste over the years. I do it for the sparkling look of pride in my daughter’s eyes for something that her mommy has made especially for her.

Irrespective of busy I am with other birthday preparations, baking the cake is true labour of love for me, sometimes going into the late hours of the night decorating. And I hope to carry on doing this for a long as I can, or rather till the time the requested  cakes get too complicated for me to decorating skills.

These cakes  don’t have to be perfect or artistic, it does not matter if they are loop sided, or the icing is not evenly spread. What your creating is priceless, lovely memories.

Lets get baking today xx


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