Classic Victoria Sandwich Cake.

A few weeks ago my Daughter had International Day at school, where the parents were encouraged to bring in a dish native to them, for a class of four year olds, as you can imagine it was a tough audience to cater to.

But my biggest dilemma was choosing a dish! As a family of East African Asians  we have both East African and British roots, with both sets of grand parents having been born and raised in East Africa, my husband born and raised in the UK and our daughter born in the UK but growing up in Doha….

After thinking hard and long I decided to make a classic pudding that was native to my daughter, a guaranteed hit with the kids and something for the teachers to tuck into later with a cuppa.  A classic Victoria sandwich cake!

After trolling the internet looking for the perfect recipe I found it on the BBC Good Food website. As always when all fails turn to BBC Good Food.

This recipe is so simple to follow, and uses ingredients that we all have at hand.

I have shared the link to the recipe below especially as it gives the nutritional values of the cake.

Once baked this cake can last for a week in a air tight container.

My variation to the recipe was a pink butter cream icing, on request from a special little girl.

Another sure hit variation to this cake using whipped fresh cream and strawberries…

Enjoy and do share with us your baking experiences xx


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