Chocolate Chip Cookies.

The one thing that I have always struggled to bake well has been the chocolate chip cookie!! Up till today I have never managed to bake a good cookie! They would either be hard as rocks or just melt into a massive sheet of crunchy dry cookie!

Given my past failures with these cookies, you can imagine the horror I felt when my daughter requested I bake these for a play date!! Her “butter would not melt in my mouth” look made it very hard to say no!

So I did what I do best. I trolled the internet to look for a recipe that I had not yet tried and failed at! And trust me I’ve tried and tested a fair few!

Until I came across this recipe from the Nigella Lawson website. It is a very simple and straight forward recipe to make. And best of all it made amazing cookies!

They turned out with just the right about of crunch to accompany a lovely cup of tea or coffee. I kept mine in the oven for a bit longer as I like my cookies to have a bit of a crunch. If you like them to have a soft middle reduce the baking time. I also use a medium sized ice cream scope, to scope the dough on to the baking trays. I like to do so as to ensure that I have evenly shaped and sized cookies, I got 19. You can hand shape them to the size you like.

If you feel that the dough is too sticky, refrigerate it for 10 to 15minutes, this will help you hand shape them without the dough being too sticky.

Please do share you pictures and thoughts. Did it work for? Taste right?

Happy Baking xx



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