Fluffy, Yummy American Pancakes

Pancakes are a sure breakfast hit in my household, especially with my daughter.  And up till a couple of months ago I thought I had the perfect recipe, for the perfect American Pancakes.

Up till the point that I made some for my nieces, and this was when  my lovely niece introduced me to this simple but amazing recipe by James Martin. ( BBC food to the rescue as always) She bet me that it would make better pancakes then my recipe! when I put it to test she was right!! her recipe was much better then mine.


This recipe is so easy, quick to make and so worth the extra effort of beating the egg whites separately. In which lays the secret of this recipe,and the best part is that it takes no more then five minutes.

The picture below shows what the egg whites should look like once ready.

Beaten Egg whites
Beaten Egg whites

What I use to find most puzzling was when to flip the pancake? How did you know when the bottom side was ready?

The answer was amazingly simple! When you see small bubbles forming on the side facing you!

Bubbles forming
Bubbles forming

Flip and cook the other side, pour some maple syrup or honey and dig in while warm!!

PS The best part of this recipe is that it can be made at any time of the day! why wait till breakfast to have this lovely treat? Have it as a desert with some fresh berries after a meal…..or just have it as a main meal!!

As always do let us know what you think of this recipe xx


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